Task 13: Importing a Movie with Windows Movie Maker



Click Start, All Programs, Accessories, and then click the Windows Movie Maker.


The Windows Movie Maker window appears. Click the File menu and then choose Import.


Open the folder that contains movie file.


Double-click the file to import.


New with Windows XP is Windows Movie Maker. You can use this accessory program to view and edit movies. To create your own movies, you need a camera capable of recording digital videos. You can then download the video clip from your camera to your computer and use Windows Movie Maker to view and edit it. You can also import other videos or music to use in Windows Movie Maker.


Record a Movie

You can also record a movie if the video camera is connected to the PC. Use the File, Record command. Or click the Record button. Check your specific video camera for information on connecting the camera and recording movies.



You see the clips for this movie file.


To play a clip, select it and click Play.


The clip is played in the preview area.


Video Clips

When you record or import a movie, Windows Movie Maker divides into separate clips. You can then work with these clips to arrange the sequence of the movie.


Toolbar Buttons

Use the playback toolbar buttons to pause, stop, and restart the playback of the clip. You can also advance the clip frame by frame by clicking the Next Frame and Previous Frame buttons.