Part 9. Using Windows Accessories

Windows XP provides several accessories, or applications, that you can use to help you in your work. These accessories are not full-featured programs, but they are useful for specific jobs in the Windows environment. Accessories include a calculator, a painting program, a word processor, a text editor, and Internet applications. (Internet applications are discussed in Part 8, "Connecting to the Internet.")


  1. Using Calculator

  2. Using Command Prompt

  3. Using WordPad

  4. Typing Text

  5. Selecting Text

  6. Deleting Text

  7. Copying Text

  8. Moving Text

  9. Formatting Text

  10. Using Notepad

  11. Using Paint

  12. Drawing a Shape with Paint

  13. Adding Text to a Drawing

  14. Adding Color to a Drawing

  15. Erasing Part of a Drawing