Task 11: Changing the System Date and Time



Double-click the Date and Time icon in the Control Panel window (refer to Task 9 if you need help opening the Control Panel window). Also switch to Classic view.


The Date and Time Properties dialog box opens, displaying the Date & Time tab. Click the correct date in the calendar.


If the time is wrong, enter the correct time in the Time spin box.


You can place the pointer over the time in the taskbar to display the current date. If your system clock is wrong, you should correct it because Windows stamps the time and date on every file you save.


Date Wrong?

If the date is wrong, it could indicate that you have a dead battery. If so, you must replace your computer's internal battery (check your system manual).


Correcting the Date

If the month is wrong, display the Month drop-down list and select the correct month. If the year is incorrect, type the correct one in the appropriate text box or use the up and down arrows to adjust it. If the date is wrong, click the correct date on the calendar.



Click the Time Zone tab and then display the drop-down list. Select your time zone from this list.


If you want your computer to automatically synchronize with a time clock on the Internet, make sure the check box on the Internet Time tab is checked. Alternatively, click the Update Now button on this tab to synchronize your time clock immediately.


Click the OK button.


Internet Time

In order for your computer to synchronize its clock with a time clock on the Internet, you'll need to be connected. If your computer resides behind a firewall or connects to the Internet via a proxy server, however, you may not be able to take advantage of this feature.


Choose Time Server

You can choose a different time server to synchronize with by selecting one from the Server drop-down list in the Internet Time tab.