Task 11: Adding Addresses to Your Address Book



Display a message to or from the person you want to add, and right-click the e-mail address.


In the menu that appears, click Add to Address Book.


The Summary tab displays the default name and e-mail address.


If you send e-mail often, you don't want to type the addresses each time. Instead, you can add names to your Address Book. Then you can select the name and address when creating new messages or forwarding messages. The fastest way to add an address is to copy it from an existing message.


Automatically Add Names

You can automatically add names to the Address Book. To do so, check the Automatically put people I reply to in my Address Book on the Send tab of the Options dialog box. See Task 10, "Setting E-mail Options."



Click the Name tab and make any changes to the display name (name that appears in the list).


Click OK to add the name.


New Address

If you don't have a message, you can manually add a person to the Address Book. Click Addresses in the Outlook Express window. Then click New and select New Contact. Complete the information and click OK.