Task 12: Setting File Associations



Right-click the file icon for which you want to check or change the associated program.


Select Open With from the shortcut menu. The current program is listed. If it is correct, you can skip the remaining steps.


To change the program, click Choose Program.


When you double-click a file icon, Windows opens the program associated with that file type. If no program is associated, you are prompted to select the program. You can set and check program associations so that you don't have to continually tell Windows which program to use.


Program Not Listed?

If the program isn't listed, click the link at the bottom of the dialog box. You see the Open With dialog box. You can open any program folder on your computer and select a particular program file to use to open the selected file type. Click OK.



The Open With dialog box appears. Select from any of the listed programs.


To always use the program you selected to open the file, check Always use the selected program to open this kind of file.


Click OK.


View All File Types

To view, verify, and change the list of associated programs for all file types, click Tools, Folder Options. Click the File Types tab. In the Registered file types list, select the file type to check or change. Use the Change button to select a different program. Use the New button to set new file associations.