Task 5: Saving and Closing a Document



Click File, Save As in the program.


Type a new name, replacing the default name.


To save the document in another folder, double-click that folder.


You save documents and files so that you can open them later to print, edit, copy, and so on. The first time you save a file, you must assign that file a name and folder (or location). You save documents pretty much the same way in all Windows programs; this task shows you how to save a document in WordPad.


Save Again

After you've saved and named a file, you can simply click File and select Save to resave that file to the same location with the same name. Any changes you have made since the last save are reflected in the file.


Open Another Folder

If the folder is not listed, you can open the folder. To do so, select it from the Save in drop-down list or use the Up One Level graphics/02inl01.jpg button to move up through the folder structure until the folder is displayed.



To save the document in another drive or folder, display the Save in drop-down list and select the drive or folder you want.


Click the Save button.


The program saves the file. The document name is listed in the title bar.


Create a New Folder

You can create a new folder from within the Save As dialog box. To do so, click the New Folder graphics/02inl02.jpg button, type the new folder name, and press Enter.


Close the Document

Most programs, with the exception of WordPad and Paint, include a Close command and a Close button for the document window. To close the document, select File, Close or click the Close button for the document window. In WordPad and Paint, you must open another document, create a new document, or exit the program to close the document.