Task 2: Selecting a Desktop Theme



Right-click an empty spot on your desktop, and select Properties from the pop-up menu that appears.


The Display Properties dialog box appears, with the Themes tab displayed. Open the Themes drop-down list, and select a theme.


The theme you selected is previewed in the Sample window. To apply the theme, click the OK button.


Windows XP enables you to personalize your workspace by selecting a desktop theme. Desktop themes consist a background, sounds, icons, and other elements. Windows XP offers numerous color-coordinated themes to choose from; alternatively, you can create your own.


Saving Your Changes

If you modify the chosen theme, you can save it as a new theme. To do so, click the Save As button on the Themes tab in the Display Properties dialog. A Save As dialog box opens; give the theme a name, specify where you want it saved, and click the Save button. The theme is saved, and its name is added to the Themes drop-down list.