Task 4: Customizing Desktop Icons



In the Desktop tab of the Display Properties dialog box, click the Customize Desktop button. (For help navigating to the Display Properties dialog, refer to Task 2.)


The Desktop Items dialog box opens, with the General tab displayed. In the middle of the General tab, click the icon you want to change.


Click the Change Icon button.


Another way to experiment with the appearance of the desktop is to change how the icons are displayed. You can select a different picture for any of the default icons. Windows XP comes with several icons to choose from.


Add or Remove Icons from the Desktop

If you want only certain icons to appear on your desktop, open the Desktop Items dialog box and, in the Desktop icons area, check those folders that you want to appear on your desktop.


Enlarge Icons

To enlarge the icons displayed on your desktop, open the Appearance tab on the Display Properties dialog, and click the Effects button. The Effects dialog opens; click the Use large icons check box, and then click the OK button.



Select the picture you want to use for the selected icon.


Click the OK button in the Change Icon dialog box, click the OK button in the Desktop Items dialog box, and click the OK button in the Display Properties dialog box.


The icon on your desktop reflects the change you made.


Display Your Own Icon

If you've created or obtained pictures that you would like to apply to your icons, simply click the Browse button in the Change Icon dialog box. In the screen that appears, locate and then double-click the image you want to use.


Revert to Original Icons

To revert to an icon's original image, display the Desktop Items dialog box and select the icon. Click the Restore Default button, and then click the OK button.