Task 7: Viewing the Print Queue



Select the printer you want to view. See Task 2, "Displaying Installed Printers," for help with this step.


Click See what's printing.


The printer window displays a list of the documents in the queue as well as statistics about the documents being printed. Click the Close button to close the queue.


The print queue lists the documents that have been sent to a printer, and it shows how far along the printing is. Using the print queue, you can pause, restart, or cancel print jobs. This task shows how to view the print queue.


Double-Click the Icon

You can display the print queue by double-clicking the Printer icon in the status bar of the taskbar (on the left side). The Printer icon appears whenever you are printing a document.



If the print queue window is empty, either the print job never made it to the queue or it was already processed by the printer.