Task 6: Opening a Document



Click File, and then click the Open command.


Double-click the folder that contains the file. You can click the Up One Level button to move up through the folders and display other folders to open.


When you save a document, the program saves the document information as a file with the name you entered and in the location you specified. The purpose of saving a document is to make it available for later use. You can open any of the documents you have saved. You can then make changes or print the document.


Can't Find a File?

If you can't find the file you want to work with, it could be because you did not save it where you thought you did. Try looking in a different drive or folder. If you still can't find it, try searching for the file (see Part 4, "Working with Files").



When you find the file you want to open, double-click it.


The file is opened and displayed in the program window. Here you see a WordPad document opened.



As a shortcut, click File. Notice that the last files opened are listed near the bottom of the menu. You can open any of these files by clicking them in the File menu.


Change to Another Drive

If the file is on another drive, display the Look in drop-down list and select the drive where you placed the file.