Appendix A. What's on Que's WOPR CD

Appendix A. What's on Que's WOPR CD

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What Is WOPR?

This book includes a fully licensed copy of Woody's Office POWER Pack 2003, the legendary collection of Office add-ins that will help you work faster, smarter, and more productively. This latest version of WOPR includes updates of your favorite features from previous versions, plus a handful of indispensable new tools that you'll use every day.

The copy of WOPR 2003 on the CD is fully licensed at no additional cost to you. This isn't shareware, freeware, trialware, demoware, or limited in any other way. Previous versions of WOPR cost more than the price of this book, and now you are getting WOPR and this book for less than the cost of the software.

As with any other software, however, WOPR 2003 does have a license agreement. Be sure to read that and agree to it before using the software.

    Part I: Word Basics: Get Productive Fast
    Part II: Building Slicker Documents Faster
    Part III: The Visual Word: Making Documents Look Great
    Part IV: Industrial-Strength Document Production Techniques
    Part VI: The Corporate Word