Resolving Proposed Changes

No matter how you get revision marks and comments into your document, the real beauty of Word's Track Changes feature comes later, when you see how easy it is to resolve the changes your reviewers have proposed.

Word provides a unified tool for resolving both tracked changes and comments: the Reviewing toolbar (choose View, Toolbars and check Reviewing (see Figure 26.22).

Figure 26.22. Resolving changes and comments with the Reviewing toolbar.


Resolving Changes and Comments

Before you start resolving changes, you might want to press Ctrl+Home to move to the beginning of the document. After you've done so, click Next on the Reviewing toolbar, and Word selects the next tracked change or comment in the document. Word selects the tracked change or comment.

To accept a tracked change, click the Accept Change button.

To reject a tracked change or delete a comment, click the Reject Change/Delete Comment button.


If you only want to resolve tracked changes and you don't want to review comments, click Show; then clear the Comments check box.


You don't have to resolve all your changes or comments at the same time; you can leave some unresolved until you get more information or speak to the right person. You might want to insert a comment reminding yourself why a change is still unresolved.

You can also superimpose further edits on top of tracked changes, if you need to modify the changes a reviewer has made.

You can always undo a change you just accepted, rejected, or edited by clicking the Undo button on the Standard toolbar.

Accepting or Rejecting All Changes at the Same Time

It's unlikely, but you may occasionally be able to resolve all your revisions at the same time. Perhaps you (or your boss) will make an executive decision to disregard all the wrong-headed comments provided by someone in another department.

To reject all changes in a document, click the down arrow next to the Reject Changes/Delete Comments button on the Reviewing toolbar; then choose Reject All Changes in Document. To delete all comments in the document, click the down arrow to the right of the Reject Changes/Delete Comments button; then choose Delete All Comments in Document.

Conversely, on rare occasions, you may want to accept all the comments that have been made about your document, by all reviewers. Or, perhaps, only one individual has reviewed the document, but he or she is so important that you have no choice but to accept his or her comments. Click the down arrow next to Accept All; then choose Accept All Changes in Document. All the tracked changes slip seamlessly into your document as if they'd been there all along.

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