Using Publication Layouts from Microsoft Office Online

Microsoft provides a growing collection of publication templates through the Microsoft Office Online Web site. To choose "desktop publishing" templates for Word, do this:

  1. Choose File, New.

  2. In the New Document Task Pane, click Templates Home Page. Internet Explorer displays the Microsoft Office Online home page.

  3. Click Marketing Materials (in the Marketing section).

  4. Browse among the brochures, booklets, ads, flyers, posters, print and email newsletters, and other materials provided there. Templates with the Microsoft Word icon are designed for Word; other templates are designed for Publisher and other Office programs.

  5. Click the Hyperlink of the template you want.

  6. On the next screen, click Download Now.

  7. Click Accept to accept Microsoft's License Agreement.

  8. Click Continue. Word reopens, showing a new document based on the template you downloaded.

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