What to Do If the Voice Comment Recorder Command Is Unavailable


Check to make sure that your computer has a sound card and that the sound card is configured properly. You can check on this by clicking Start, Settings, Control Panel; double-clicking on the System applet; and clicking the Device Manager tab. Look to see whether a sound card is listed. If it has an exclamation point next to it, it is not configured properly; try reinstalling the driver or checking for resource conflicts.

What to Do If Word Won't Let You Accept or Reject Changes

Most likely, your document is still protected for tracked changes. If so, choose Tools, Unprotect Document. If you're asked for a password, enter it. If you don't have the password, you may not be authorized to accept or reject changes.

What To Do If "Author" or a Generic Identifier Appears Instead of a Reviewer's Name

If Word displays Author in place of a reviewer's name in the ScreenTip or Reviewing pane item associated with a tracked change or comment, the reviewer has chosen to eliminate personal information from his or her files when they are saved. To store names, the reviewer must reenable the storing of personal information, like this:

  1. Choose Tools, Options, and click the Security tab.

  2. Clear the Remove Personal Information from This File on Save check box, and click OK.

If a generic identifier is present, the reviewer may not have set his or her name at all. To set a name, or update an erroneous one, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Tools, Options, and click the User Information tab.

  2. Enter a name in the Name text box, and initials in the Initials text box; then click OK.

What to Do If You Can't See Some Changes You're Sure Exist

In Word it's easy to inadvertently hide some changes you intend to review. To make sure that all comments and tracked changes are visible, do the following:

  1. Display the Reviewing Toolbar, and click Show.

  2. Make sure that Comments, Insertions and Deletions, and Formatting are all checked.

  3. Click Reviewers, and make sure that All Reviewers is checked.

  4. If there are too many balloons displayed in Print Layout view or Web Layout view to read them all, review your comments in the Reviewing pane. On the Reviewing Toolbar, click Show, Reviewing Pane.

  5. Make sure you aren't displaying the file in its Original form. On the Reviewing toolbar, click the Display for Review drop-down box, and choose another option?typically, Final Showing Markup or Original Showing Markup.

  6. Certain changes may not be visible in Normal view; switch to Print Layout view or Web Layout view.

What to Do If You've Merged Changes into the Wrong Document

In Word you can merge changes into your original document, the "target" document you selected for comparison, or a new document. If you choose the wrong document, click Undo to undo the changes. If you've inadvertently merged to a new document, you can close that document without saving it.


If you don't realize the problem immediately, keep clicking Undo. Word can store 100 or more changes, and the document merge counts as only one change.

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