What to Do If Word Cannot Find a Proofing File You Need


If you attempt to proofread text in a language for which you have installed proofing tools, and Word reports that it cannot find the appropriate files, check to make sure that you have not installed an older version of the proofing tools. You can install the new version over the older versions without any problems.

What to Do If Word Switches Your Keyboard Setting Incorrectly

If automatic language detection is turned on, Word might incorrectly determine which language you are writing in and switch your keyboard to the wrong language automatically. To switch your keyboard back, choose the correct keyboard from the keyboard indicator on the system tray, or use the appropriate keyboard shortcut (Left Alt+Shift by default).

What to Do If Word Formats Text in the Wrong Language

Word's automatic language detection feature isn't perfect. It can encounter problems especially if you write sentences in multiple languages in the same paragraph or short document, or if you have enabled two similar languages.

If the problem occurs only occasionally, you can reformat the text manually by selecting it; choosing Tools, Language, Set Language; and choosing the appropriate language.

If the problem occurs repeatedly, try determining which language is causing the confusion?the one Word uses to reformat text in an undesired way. Then, if you rarely use that language, disable it using the Microsoft Office 2003 Language Settings utility.

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