What to Do If You Can't Add a New Trusted Publisher


As you learned earlier in this chapter, Word allows you to add new trusted publishers: publishers whose digital certificates will certify that their macros can always be trusted. If you attempt to add a digital certificate and Word prohibits you from doing so, there are several possible causes:

  • The certificate may have been created by the user himself or herself, using the Selfcert.exe tool provided with Office 2003. In this case, no third party is certifying that the user is authentic, and accordingly, Word does not acknowledge the certificate as authentic, except on the computer that created it.

  • As a security measure, your system administrator may have prohibited you from adding trusted publishers, using system policies.

  • You may have set security on your computer to Low. Security must be set to Medium or High for Word to add a trusted publisher.

What to Do If You Are Running Antivirus Software and Still Encounter an Infection

Antivirus software must be updated regularly to remain effective?ideally, once a week, but at minimum, once every two weeks. Use your software's automatic update feature to ensure that you have the most recent antivirus signatures. Also ensure that your antivirus software is configured to check against virus infection aggressively; in particular, ensure that it is configured to check attachments that arrive via email.

What to Do If Entering a Password Doesn't Work

Remember that Word passwords are case-sensitive: passtext is not the same as Passtext. Also, double-check to make sure that your Caps Lock key has not been inadvertently turned on, causing you to use the incorrect case.

What to Do If Text You Thought You Deleted Remains in a Word File

If Fast Saves are turned on, Word may not immediately remove text from a file after you delete it. Although the text is not visible while you are editing it in Word, it may be visible if viewed in a text editor such as Notepad. To make sure that Word immediately removes edits from your files, choose Tools, Options, Save; clear the Allow Fast Saves check box; and click OK.

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