Playing plug-ins in the Document window

Playing plug-ins in the Document window

You can preview movies and animations that rely on Netscape Navigator plug-ins directly in the Design view of the Document window. You can play all plug-in elements at one time to see how the page will look to the user, or you can play each one individually to ensure that you have embedded the correct media element.

To play movies in Design view, the proper plug-ins must be installed on your computer.

To play plug-in content in the Document window:

  1. Insert one or more media elements by selecting Insert > Media > Shockwave, Insert > Media > Flash, or Insert > Media > Plugin.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Select one of the media elements you have inserted, and select View > Plugins > Play or click the Play button in the Property inspector.
    • Select View > Plugins > Play All to play all of the media elements on the selected page that rely on plug-ins.

To stop playing plug-in content:

  • Select a media element and select View > Plugins >Stop, or click the Stop button in the Property inspector.

    You can also select View > Plugins > Stop All to stop all plug-in content from playing.

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