Setting the Code inspector options

Setting the Code inspector options

The purpose of the Code inspector is to allow you to work in a separate coding window. The Code inspector works just like Code view; you can think of it as a detachable Code view for the current document.

To use the Code inspector options, do any of the following:

  • To use the View Options button, see Setting code viewing options.
  • To use the Code Navigation button, see Jumping to a JavaScript or VBScript function.
  • Use the Reference button to open the Reference panel. For more information, see Using language-reference material.
  • Use the Refresh Design View button to update the document in Design view so that it reflects any changes you made in the code. Changes you make in the code don’t automatically appear in Design view until you perform certain actions, such as saving the file or clicking this button.
  • Use the Preview/Debug in Browser button to preview or debug your document in a browser.
  • Use the File Management to put or get the file.
  • To use the Coding toolbar along the left side of the window, see Inserting code quickly with the Coding toolbar.

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