Setting Highlighting preferences

Setting Highlighting preferences

Highlighting preferences let you customize the colors Dreamweaver uses to identify template regions, library items, third-party tags, layout elements, and code.

To change a highlighting color:

  • Beside the object you want to change the highlighting color for, click the color box, then use the color picker to select a new color, or enter a hexadecimal value.

To activate or deactivate highlighting for an object:

  • Beside the object you want to activate or deactivate highlighting color for, select or deselect the Show checkbox.

Related topics

  • To specify highlight colors for tables, layout cells, and CSS layout blocks, see Selecting table elements, Drawing layout cells and tables, or Changing the highlight color for div tags.
  • To specify highlight colors for editable regions and locked regions in templates and files based on templates, see Setting highlighting preferences for template regions.
  • To specify the highlight color for library items, see Setting library highlighting preferences.
  • To specify a highlight color for content tagged with third-party tags, select a color for the Third-Party Tags option. For more information about third-party tags, see "Customizing Dreamweaver" on the Macromedia Support Center.
  • For more information about viewing live data, see Viewing live data in Design view.

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