Working with a visual map of your site

Working with a visual map of your site

You can view a local folder for a Dreamweaver site as a visual map of linked icons, called a site map. Use the site map to add new files to a Dreamweaver site, or to add, modify, or remove links.

The site map shows the site structure two levels deep, starting from the home page. It shows pages as icons and displays links in the order in which they are encountered in the source code.

The site map is ideal for laying out a site structure. You can quickly set up the entire structure of the site, then create a graphic image of the site map.

This section covers the following topics:

  • Viewing a site map
  • Modifying the site map layout
  • Working with pages in the site map
  • Showing and hiding site map files
  • Viewing the site from a branch
  • Saving the site map

Related topics

  • Linking documents using the site map

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