Using the Insert bar to insert objects

Using the Insert bar to insert objects

The Insert bar is a convenient method for creating and inserting objects.

To insert an object:

  1. Select the appropriate category from the left side of the Insert bar.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Click an object button or drag the button’s icon into the Document window.
    • Click the arrow on a button, then select an option from the menu.

Depending on the object, a corresponding object-insertion dialog box may appear, prompting you to browse to a file or specify parameters for an object. Or, Dreamweaver may insert code into the document, or open a tag editor (see Editing tags with Tag editors) or panel for you to specify information before the code is inserted.

For some objects, no dialog box appears if you insert the object in Design view, but a tag editor appears if you insert the object in Code view. For a few objects, inserting the object in Design view causes Dreamweaver to switch to Code view before inserting the object.

To bypass the object-insertion dialog box and insert an empty placeholder object:

  • Control-click (Windows) or Option-click (Macintosh) the button for the object.

    For example, to insert a placeholder for an image without specifying an image file, Control-click or Option-click the Image button.

To modify preferences for the Insert bar:

  1. Select Edit > Preferences (Windows) or Dreamweaver > Preferences (Macintosh).

    The Preferences dialog box displays the General preferences category.

  2. Deselect Show Dialog When Inserting Objects to suppress dialog boxes when you insert objects such as images, tables, scripts, and head elements or by holding down the Control key (Windows) or the Option key (Macintosh) while creating the object.
  3. Click OK.

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