Setting CFDateField properties (ColdFusion)

Setting CFDateField properties (ColdFusion)

Use this Property inspector to set the properties of a ColdFusion date field.

To set the CFDateField properties:

  • Set any of the following options in the Property inspector:

    Cfdatefield lets you specify a unique name for the control.

    Value lets you specify a date to be displayed in the field when the page first opens in a browser. The date can either be static or dynamic.

    To specify a dynamic value, click the lightning bolt icon beside the Value text box and select a recordset column in the Dynamic Data dialog box. The recordset column supplies a value to the date field when you view the form in a browser.

    Validate specifies the type of validation for the field.

    Validate At specifies when the field is validated: onSubmit, onBlur, or onServer.

    Label lets you specify a label for the field.

    Pattern lets you specify a JavaScript regular expression pattern to validate input. Omit leading and trailing slashes. For more information, see the ColdFusion documentation.

    Height lets you specify the height of the control, in pixels.

    Width lets you specify the width of the control, in pixels.

    Size lets you specify the size of the control.

    Required lets you specify whether the date field must contain a value before the form is submitted to the server.

    Display Tag Editor lets you edit properties not listed in the Property inspector.

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