Set up your project files

Set up your project files

When you create a local site, you can place any existing assets (images or other pieces of content) in the local site’s root folder (the main folder for the site). Then when you’re ready to add content to your pages, the assets are there and ready for you to use.

The sample files included with Dreamweaver contain assets for the sample website you’ll build using these Getting Started with Dreamweaver tutorials. The first step in creating the site is to copy the sample files from the Dreamweaver application folder to an appropriate folder on your hard disk.

  1. Create a new folder called local_sites on your hard disk.

    For example, create a folder called local_sites in either of the following two locations:

    • In Windows: C:\Documents and Settings\your_user_name\My Documents\local_sites
    • On the Macintosh: Macintosh HD/Users/your_user_name/Documents/local_sites
  2. Locate the cafe_townsend folder in the Dreamweaver application folder on your hard disk.

    If you installed Dreamweaver to its default location, the path to the folder is as follows:

    • In Windows: C:\Program Files\Macromedia\Dreamweaver 8\Tutorial_assets\cafe_townsend\.
    • On the Macintosh: Macintosh HD/Applications/Macromedia Dreamweaver 8/Tutorial_assets/cafe_townsend.
  3. Copy the cafe_townsend folder into the local_sites folder.

    The cafe_townsend folder is the folder that you will use as the root folder (main folder) for your Dreamweaver site.

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