Updating Fireworks HTML placed in Dreamweaver

Updating Fireworks HTML placed in Dreamweaver

In Fireworks, the File > Update HTML command provides an alternative to the launch-and-edit technique for updating Fireworks files placed in Dreamweaver. With Update HTML, you can edit a source PNG image in Fireworks and then automatically update any exported HTML code and image files placed in a Dreamweaver document. This command lets you update Dreamweaver files even when Dreamweaver is not running.

To update Fireworks HTML placed in Dreamweaver:

  1. In Fireworks, open the source PNG and make the desired edits to it.
  2. Select File > Save.
  3. In Fireworks, select File > Update HTML.
  4. Navigate to the Dreamweaver file containing the HTML you want to update, and click Open.
  5. Navigate to the folder destination where you want to place the updated image files, and click Select (Windows) or Choose (Macintosh).

    Fireworks updates the HTML and JavaScript code in the Dreamweaver document. Fireworks also exports updated images associated with the HTML and places the images in the specified destination folder.

    If Fireworks cannot find matching HTML code to update, it gives you the option of inserting new HTML code into the Dreamweaver document. Fireworks places the JavaScript section of the new code at the beginning of the document and places the HTML table or link to the image at the end.

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