Specifying editable tag attributes in a template

Specifying editable tag attributes in a template

You can set multiple editable attributes in a page so that template users can modify the attributes in template-based documents. The following data types are supported: text, Boolean (true/false), color, and URL.

To define an editable tag attribute:

  1. In the Document window, select an item you want to set an editable tag attribute for.
  2. Select Modify > Templates > Make Attribute Editable.

    The Editable Tag Attributes dialog box appears.

  3. Complete the dialog box for each attribute you want to make editable.

    For information about completing the dialog box, see Setting options for the Editable Tag Attributes dialog box.

  4. Click OK.

    Creating an editable tag attribute inserts a template parameter in the code. An initial value for the attribute is set in the template document; when a template-based document is created, it inherits the parameter. A template user can then edit the parameter in the template-based document (see Modifying template properties).

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