Setting Library item properties

Setting Library item properties

Use library item properties to specify the source file of an item, to make it editable, or to re-create the original library item after editing an instance of it in a document.

To set library item properties:

Select any of the following options:

Src displays the filename and location of the source file for the library item. You can’t edit this information.

Open opens the library item’s source file for editing. This is equivalent to selecting the item in the Assets panel and clicking the Edit button.

Detach from Original breaks the link between the selected library item and its source file. When an item is detached it can be edited in the document, but it’s no longer a library item and can’t be updated when you change the original library item.

Recreate overwrites the original library item with the current selection. Use this option to re-create library items if the original library item is missing or has been accidentally deleted.

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