Setting the Validator preference options

Setting the Validator preference options

You can use the Validator in Dreamweaver to quickly locate tag or syntax errors in your code (see Validating your tags). You can specify the tag-based languages against which the Validator should check, the specific problems that the Validator should check, and the types of errors that the Validator should report.

To specify Validator preferences:

  1. Select the languages to validate against.

    You can’t select multiple versions of the same language; for example, if you select HTML 4.0, you can’t also select HTML 3.2 or HTML 2.0. Select the earliest version you want to validate against; for example, if a document contains valid HTML 2.0 code, it will also be valid HTML 4.0 code.

  2. Click Options.

    The Validator Options dialog box appears.

  3. Select Display options for the types of errors and warnings that you want the Validator report to include.
  4. Select items the Validator should check for:

    Quotes in Text indicates that Dreamweaver should warn you about each use of quotation marks in the text of the document; you should use the " entity instead of quotation marks in the text of HTML documents.

    Entities in Text indicates that Dreamweaver should recommend changing certain characters (such as ampersand (&), less-than (<), and greater-than (>)) to their HTML entity equivalents.

  5. Click OK to close the Validator Options dialog box.

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