Setting button properties

Setting button properties

Use this Property inspector to set the properties of a button.

To set button properties:

  • Set any of the following options in the Property inspector:

    Button Name assigns a name to the button. Two reserved names, Submit and Reset, tell the form to submit the form data to the processing application or script, or to reset all the form fields to their original values, respectively.

    Label determines the text that appears on the button.

    Action determines what happens when the button is clicked.

    • Select the Submit Form option to submit the form data for processing when the button is clicked. The data is submitted to the page or script specified in the form’s Action property. See Creating HTML forms.
    • Select the Reset Form option to clear the contents of the form when the button is clicked.
    • Select the None option to specify the action to be performed when the button is clicked. For example, you can add a JavaScript behavior that opens another page when the user clicks the button. For more information, see Attaching JavaScript behaviors to HTML form objects and Attaching custom scripts to HTML form buttons.

    Class lets you apply CSS rules to the object.

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