Setting the Insert Flash Button dialog box options

Setting the Insert Flash Button dialog box options

You can create and insert Flash buttons in your documents while working in Design view or in Code view.

To set the Insert Flash Button dialog box options:

  1. Select the button style you want from the Style list.

    You can view an example of the button in the Sample text box. Click the sample to see how it functions in the browser.

  2. (Optional) In the Button Text text box, type the text you want to appear.

    This text box only accepts changes if the selected button has a {Button Text} parameter defined. This is shown in the Sample text box. The text you type in replaces the {Button Text} when you preview the file.

  3. In the Font pop-up menu, select the font you want to use.

    If the default font for a button is not available on your system, select another font from the pop-up menu. You will not see the font you selected in the Sample text box, but you can click Apply to insert the button in the page to see what the text will look like.

  4. In the Size text box, enter a numeric value for the font size.
  5. (Optional) In the Link text box, enter a document-relative or absolute link for the button.

    This is the URL the browser will open when the visitor clicks the button.

  6. (Optional) In the Target text box, specify the location in which the linked document will open. You can select a frame or window option in the pop-up menu. Frame names are listed only if the Flash object is being edited while in a frameset.
  7. (Optional) In the Bg Color text box, set the background color for the Flash SWF file. Use the color picker or type in a web hexadecimal value (such as #FFFFFF).
  8. In the Save As text box, enter a filename to save the new SWF file.

    You can use the default filename (for example, button1.swf), or type in a new name. If the file contains a document-relative link, you must save the file to the same directory as the current HTML document to maintain document-relative links.

  9. Click Get More Styles to go the Macromedia Exchange site and download more button styles.

    For more information, see Adding extensions to Dreamweaver.

  10. Click Apply or OK to insert the Flash button in the Document window.

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