Setting layout table properties

Setting layout table properties

This Property inspector allows you to set properties for layout tables.

To set properties for a layout table:

  1. Set any of the following options:

    Fixed sets the table to a fixed width.

    Enter a width (in pixels) in the adjacent text box (see Setting column width).

    Autostretch makes the rightmost column of the table autostretch (see Setting column width).

    Height is the table’s height (in pixels).

    CellPad sets the amount of space between the content of a layout cell and the cell boundary (in pixels).

    If you change cell padding and a column width appears in parentheses for your layout table, use the Make Widths Consistent option.

    CellSpace sets the amount of space between adjacent layout cells (in pixels).

    If you change cell spacing and a column width appears in parentheses for your layout table, use the Make Widths Consistent option.

    Clear Row Heights removes explicit height settings for all the cells in the layout table.

    Dreamweaver specifies explicit cell heights to show your layout as you drew it, even if some cells are empty. Therefore, you should click this button only after placing content in layout cells; otherwise, empty cells might collapse vertically.

    Make Widths Consistent makes cell widths in the HTML code match their apparent width on the screen, if you have fixed-width cells in your layout.

    When you click Make Widths Consistent, Dreamweaver resets the width specified in the HTML for each cell in the table to match the width of the content within that cell.

    Remove All Spacers removes spacer images (transparent images that are used to control the spacing in your layout) from your layout table. (For more information, see Using spacer images.)

    Remove Nesting removes a layout table that’s nested inside another layout table, without losing any of its contents.

    The inner layout table disappears; the layout cells that it contained become part of the outer table.

  2. If you entered a value in a text box, press Tab or Enter (Windows) or Return (Macintosh) to apply the value.

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