80004005--Operation must use an updateable query

80004005--Operation must use an updateable query

This error occurs when an event is updating a recordset or inserting data in a recordset.

Here are possible causes and solutions:

  • The permissions set on the folder containing the database are too restrictive. IUSR privileges must be set to read/write. (See Troubleshooting permissions problems.)
  • The permissions on the database file itself does not have full read/write privileges in effect. (See Troubleshooting permissions problems.)
  • The database might be located outside the Inetpub/wwwroot directory. Though you can view and search the data, you might not be able to update it unless the database is located in the wwwroot directory.
  • The recordset is based on a non-updateable query. Joins are good examples of non-updateable queries within a database. Restructure your queries so they are updateable.

For more information on this error, see "PRB: ASP ‘Error The Query Is Not Updateable’ When You Update Table Record," in the Microsoft Knowledge Base at http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;Q174640.

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