Site connection for Contribute compatibility

Site connection for Contribute compatibility

In Dreamweaver, you can connect to an existing Contribute site and modify files in the site just as you would in any Dreamweaver site (Setting up a new Dreamweaver site). When you connect to a site that’s been set up as a Contribute site (and that already has an administrator), Dreamweaver prompts you to enable Contribute compatibility.

If you are preparing an existing Dreamweaver site for Contribute users, then you need to explicitly enable Contribute compatibility to use Contribute-related features; Dreamweaver will not prompt you. For more information, see Preparing a site for use with Contribute.

Dreamweaver allows you to connect to a remote site, including a Contribute site, in a variety of ways, but not all connection types support Contribute compatibility. In particular, the following restrictions apply to connection types:

  • If you’re connecting to your remote site using WebDAV or Microsoft Visual SourceSafe, you can’t enable Contribute compatibility, because those source-control systems aren’t compatible with the Design Notes and Check In/Check Out systems that Dreamweaver uses for Contribute sites.
  • If you use RDS to connect to your remote site, you can enable Contribute compatibility, but you then must customize your connection before you can share it with Contribute users.
  • If you’re using your local computer as a web server, you must set up the site using an FTP or network connection to your computer (rather than just a local folder path) to be able to share your connection with Contribute users.

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