Working with Fireworks

Working with Fireworks

Dreamweaver and Fireworks recognize and share many of the same file-editing procedures, including changes to links, image maps, table slices, and more. Together, the two applications provide a streamlined workflow for editing, optimizing, and placing web graphics files in HTML pages.

This section contains the following topics:

  • Inserting a Fireworks image
  • Editing a Fireworks image or table from Dreamweaver
  • Optimizing a Fireworks image from Dreamweaver
  • Using Fireworks to modify Dreamweaver image placeholders
  • Editing Fireworks pop-up menus in Dreamweaver
  • Specifying launch-and-edit preferences for Fireworks source files1
  • Inserting Fireworks HTML code in a Dreamweaver document
  • Pasting Fireworks HTML into Dreamweaver
  • Updating Fireworks HTML placed in Dreamweaver
  • Creating a web photo album

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