Reports in Dreamweaver

Reports in Dreamweaver

You can run reports in Dreamweaver to find content, troubleshoot, or test content. You can generate the following types of reports:

Search enables you to search for tags, attributes, and specific text within tags. To search your code, see Searching and replacing tags and attributes.

Validation enables you to check for code or syntax errors. To validate your code, see Validating your tags.

Target Browser Check enables you to test the HTML in your documents to see if any tags or attributes are unsupported by your target browsers. To run a target browser check, see Checking for browser compatibility.

Link Checker enables you to find and fix broken, external, and orphaned links. To run the link checker, see Checking for broken, external, and orphaned links.

Site Reports enable you to improve workflow and test HTML attributes in your site. Workflow reports include checked out by, recently modified, and design notes; HTML reports include combinable nested font tags, accessibility, missing Alt text, redundant nested tags, removable empty tags, and untitled documents. To run site reports, see Testing your site.

FTP Log enables you view all FTP file transfer activity. To view the FTP log, see Getting files from a remote server or Putting files on a remote server.

Server Debug enables you to view information to debug a ColdFusion application. To view debugging information, see Using the ColdFusion debugger (Windows only).

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