Adjusting the brightness and contrast of an image

Adjusting the brightness and contrast of an image

Brightness/Contrast modifies the contrast or brightness of pixels in an image. This affects the highlights, shadows, and midtones of an image. You typically use Brightness/Contrast when correcting images that are too dark or too light.

To adjust the brightness and contrast of an image:

  1. Open the page containing the image you want to adjust, select the image, and do either of the following:
    • Click the Brightness/Contrast button in the image Property inspectorThis is a picture of the feature being described.
    • Select Modify > Image > Brightness/Contrast

    The Brightness/Contrast dialog box is displayed.

  2. Drag the Brightness and Contrast sliders to adjust the settings.

    Values range from -100 to 100.

  3. Click OK.

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