Using JavaScript behaviors with frames

Using JavaScript behaviors with frames

There are several JavaScript behaviors and navigation-related commands that are particularly appropriate for use with frames:

Set Text of Frame replaces the content and formatting of a given frame with the content you specify. The content can include any valid HTML. Use this action to dynamically display information in a frame. (See Set Text of Frame.)

Go to URL opens a new page in the current window or in the specified frame. This action is particularly useful for changing the contents of two or more frames with one click. (See Go to URL.)

Insert Navigation Bar adds a navigation bar to a page; after inserting a navigation bar, you can attach behaviors to its images and set which image displays based on a visitor’s actions. For example, you may want to show a button image in its Up or Down state to let a visitor know which page of a site is being viewed. (See Inserting a navigation bar.)

Insert Jump Menu sets up a menu list of links that open files in a browser window when clicked. You can also target a particular window or frame in which the document opens. (See Inserting jump menus.)

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