The Insert bar

The Insert bar

The Insert bar contains buttons for creating and inserting objects such as tables, layers, and images. When you roll the pointer over a button, a tooltip appears with the name of the button.

The buttons are organized into several categories, which you can switch on the left side of the Insert bar. Additional categories appear when the current document contains server code, such as ASP or CFML documents. When you start Dreamweaver, the category you were last working in opens.

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Some categories have buttons with pop-up menus. When you select an option from a pop-up menu, it becomes the default action for the button. For example, if you select Image Placeholder from the Image button’s pop-up menu, the next time you click the Image button, Dreamweaver inserts an image placeholder. Anytime you select a new option from the pop-up menu, the default action for the button changes.

The Insert bar is organized in the following categories:

The Common category enables you to create and insert the most commonly used objects, such as images and tables.

The Layout category enables you to insert tables, div tags, layers, and frames. You can also you choose among three views of tables: Standard (default), Expanded Tables, and Layout. When Layout mode is selected, you can use the Dreamweaver layout tools: Draw Layout Cell and Draw Layout Table.

The Forms category contains buttons for creating forms and inserting form elements.

The Text category enables you to insert a variety of text- and list-formatting tags, such as b, em, p, h1, and ul.

The HTML category enables you to insert HTML tags for horizontal rules, head content, tables, frames, and scripts.

Server-code categories are available only for pages that use a particular server language, including ASP, ASP.NET, CFML Basic, CFML Flow, CFML Advanced, JSP, and PHP. Each of these categories provides server-code objects that you can insert in Code view.

The Application category enables you to insert dynamic elements such as recordsets, repeated regions, and record insertion and update forms.

The Flash elements category enables you to insert Macromedia Flash elements.

The Favorites category enables you to group and organize the Insert bar buttons you use the most in one common place.

For more information about using the Insert bar, see Exploring the Workspace in Using Dreamweaver.

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