About Fireworks 8 pop-up menus

About Fireworks 8 pop-up menus

Fireworks 8 lets you quickly and easily create CSS-based pop-up menus. The CSS code generated by Fireworks is easier to understand, maintain, and modify than the JavaScript code generated by Dreamweaver because it’s leaner and lighter.

In addition to being more extensible and faster to download, the pop-up menus you create with Fireworks give you the following advantages:

  • The menu items can be indexed by search engines
  • The menu items can be read by screen readers, making your pages more accessible
  • The code generated by Fireworks complies to standards and can be validated

You can edit Fireworks pop-up menus with Dreamweaver or with Fireworks, but not both. Changes made in Dreamweaver are not preserved in Fireworks. For more information, see Editing Fireworks pop-up menus in Dreamweaver.

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