Server behaviors

Server behaviors

If you are a developer proficient in Macromedia ColdFusion, ASP.NET, JavaScript, VBScript, PHP, or Java, you can write your own server behaviors. The steps to create a server behavior include the following tasks:

  • Writing one or more code blocks that perform the required action.

    For information on creating server behaviors with the Dreamweaver Server Behavior Builder see Using the Server Behavior Builder. For information on the syntax supported by Dreamweaver server behaviors, see Using parameters in server behaviors.

  • Specifying where the code block should be inserted within the page’s HTML code.

    For information on positioning code blocks within a page see Positioning code blocks.

  • If the server behavior requires that a value be specified for a parameter, creating a dialog box that prompts the web developer applying the behavior to supply an appropriate value.

    For information on supplying parameter values to a server behavior using a dialog box see Creating a dialog box for a custom server behavior.

  • Testing the server behavior before making it available to others.

    For guidelines on testing server behaviors see Testing server behaviors.

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