Setting the Design Notes dialog box options

Setting the Design Notes dialog box options

The purpose of this dialog box is to add Design Notes to a file.

To add Design Notes to a file:

  1. In the Basic Info tab, select a status for the document from the Status pop-up menu.
  2. Click the date icon (just above the Notes text box) to insert the current local date in your notes.
  3. Type comments in the Notes text box.
  4. Select Show When File Is Opened to make the Design Notes file appear every time the file is opened.
  5. In the All Info tab, click the Plus (+) button to add a new key/value pair; select a pair and click the Minus (–) button to remove it.

    For example, you might name a key Author (in the Name text box) and define the value as Heidi (in the Value text box).

  6. Click OK.

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