Specifying launch-and-edit preferences for Fireworks source files

Specifying launch-and-edit preferences for Fireworks source files

When using Fireworks to edit images, the images you place in your web pages are normally exported by Fireworks from a source PNG file. When you open ("launch") an image file in Dreamweaver to edit it, Fireworks automatically opens the source PNG file, prompting you to locate the PNG file if it cannot be found. If you prefer, you can set preferences in Fireworks to have Dreamweaver open the inserted image, or you can have Fireworks give you the option to use the inserted image file or the Fireworks source file every time you open an image in Dreamweaver.

To specify launch-and-edit preferences for Fireworks:

  1. In Fireworks, select Edit > Preferences or Fireworks > Preferences (Macintosh) and then click the Launch and Edit tab (Windows) or select Launch and Edit from the pop-up menu (Macintosh).
  2. Specify the preference options to use when editing or optimizing Fireworks images placed in an external application:

    Always Use Source PNG automatically opens the Fireworks PNG file that is defined in the Design Note as the source for the placed image. Updates are made to both the source PNG and its corresponding placed image.

    Never Use Source PNG automatically opens the placed Fireworks image, whether or not a source PNG file exists. Updates are made to the placed image only.

    Ask When Launching lets you specify each time whether or not to open the source PNG file. When you edit or optimize a placed image, Fireworks displays a message prompting you to make a launch-and-edit decision. You can also specify global launch-and-edit preferences from this message.

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