Displaying multiple recordset results

Displaying multiple recordset results

The Repeat Region server behavior lets you display multiple records from a recordset within a page. Any dynamic data selection can be turned into a repeated region. However, the most common regions are a table, a table row, or a series of table rows.

The following example illustrates how the Repeat Region server behavior is applied to a table row, and specifies that nine records are displayed per page. The row itself displays four different records: city, state, street address, and zip code.

This is a picture of the feature being described.

To create a table such as the one shown above, you must create a table containing dynamic content, and apply the Repeat Region server behavior to the table row containing the dynamic content. When the page is processed by the application server, the row is repeated the number of times specified in the Repeat Region server object, with a different record inserted in each new row.

To learn how to apply the Repeat Region server behavior, see Displaying multiple recordset results and Creating a table with a Repeat Region server behavior.

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