Using parameters in server behaviors

Using parameters in server behaviors

You can include parameters in a server behavior’s code (see Parameters in server behaviors for more information), and let the page designer supply the necessary parameter values before inserting the server behavior’s code into the page. To let the page designer supply parameter values, enter parameter markers within the code as shown:


The ASP server behavior example below contains the parameter formParam, which requires the person inserting the behavior to supply the name of a form object:

<% Session("lang_pref") = Request.Form("formParam"); %>

To create a parameter that lets the user supply the necessary value:

  1. Enclose the formParam string in parameter markers:
    <% Session("lang_pref") = Request.Form("@@formParam@@"); %>
  2. Create a dialog box that prompts the designer to supply the name of the form object.

    For more information, see Creating a dialog box for a custom server behavior.

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