The Document window

The Document window

The Document window shows the current document. You can select any of the following views:

Design view is a design environment for visual page layout, visual editing, and rapid application development. In this view, Dreamweaver displays a fully editable, visual representation of the document, similar to what you would see viewing the page in a browser. You can configure the Design view to display dynamic content while you’re working on the document (see Viewing live data in Design view).

Code view is a hand-coding environment for writing and editing HTML, JavaScript, server-language code--such PHP or ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML)--and any other kind of code. For more information, see Coding in Dreamweaver.

Code and Design view enables you to see both Code view and Design view for the same document in a single window.

When the Document window has a title bar, the title bar displays the page title and, in parentheses, the file’s path and filename. After the filename, Dreamweaver displays an asterisk if you’ve made changes that you haven’t saved yet.

When the Document window is maximized in the integrated workspace layout (Windows only), it has no title bar; in that case the page title and the file’s path and filename appear in the title bar of the main workspace window.

When a Document window is maximized, tabs appear at the top of the Document window area showing the filenames of all open documents. To switch to a document, click its tab.

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